Different types of ponytail styles

Ponytail styles have been there from times immemorial and till date it is one of the most popular styles for most girls and some of the boys too are hooked onto this style.

Go to a school and how many little adorable girls you see sporting cute little ponytails that bob along when they hop and run around playing with friends. Such a pretty sight indeed! Most moms are happy tying up their little girl’s hair taking it all up in a single ponytail that keeps the hair from falling on their face and into their eyes sometimes; this could actually make them squint to see through the strands of hair.

This is not a hair style that suits small children alone; it looks good even on the teenagers and the adult women as well. It is one of the simplest of hairstyles that needs no fussing over and can be done in a jiffy and all you need is a good comb and a clasp or band to hold the hairs together. There are several innovations to the Ponytail Styles and here we talk about a few of the popular ones.

Different types of ponytail styles

The popular one is gathering all the hair and taking it right on top of your head to make a high ponytail. This sure looks smart and trendy but there are some who think this style makes you shed your hairs since you pull them tightly.

For people who face a problem with high ponytails a better alternative would be to go for a low ponytail where you have to gather all your hair at the nape of the neck and tie it up there. The hair need not be pulled all the way up and this ensures that there is less pressure and avoids hair shedding. You could gather your hair in a gentle manner and tie it up loosely.

Another popular ponytail style is one where you tie your hair into two ponytails; you will have to part your hairs into two equal halves, gather each part behind your ear and tie it up with a band or ribbon. This is also a cute style and best suits little girls and the teens.

This ponytail style suits teenagers and also other women; here you have a single pony tail that is not too tight and the style here is to leave a few strands loose without holding all the hairs in the band. These loose strands can be twirled to make a long and lovely curl that can be made to fall from behind the ears or on to the forehead to give a girly and feminine look.

Do ponytail styles cause excess shedding of hair?

Some people are really very concerned and worried about the possibility of shedding lot of hair due to tying up their hairs in a ponytail.

Yes, some do encounter this problem but this usually happens when you pull back your hair too tight to pile it on top of your head to have a high ponytail.

And use of thinner rubber bands will cause this problem since the hairs get entangled in the band and when removing it you lose some of the hairs and so is the case with steel barrettes.

Keeping the above points in mind and taking adequate care of your hair you sure will be able to overcome excess shedding of hair which is not due to Ponytail Styles alone but a lot of other factors that need looking into.

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