Popular Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, a short haircut would reduce the hair’s weight and volume. You may have think hair but it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with straight, long hair. Rather, you can use the volume to your advantage with the tips listed below.

Several Short Haircuts For People With Thick Hair

If you’re having difficulty finding a hairstyle that works best with your hair type, it may be because you’ve been working against the hair nature gave to you. No doubt, thick hair can pose significant styling challenges including:

– Uncontrollable wavy patterns

– Excessive bulkiness

– Heaviness

All these things make it harder to set curls.

If you’ve got thick hair, you need to remind yourself that you’re lucky. Thick hair can be an actual blessing… so long as you know how to style it. Are you looking for some hairstyles for your thick hair?

1 – Pixie and Cropped hairstyle

People who have small faces and thick hair can get a cropped pixie cut, which is a modern look on an old style. Keep in mind that pixie cuts can be clipped close to the head, which makes them a modified option for various kinds of thick hair. If you decide you want a pixie cut with short bangs, give it some versatility to boost your options for styling. If you’re sick of the bulk that comes with your hair, maintain control over it by cropping it.

2 – Shag haircuts

A shag haircut is not the best option for people who have curly hair. However, it does give the wearer sexiness and swing in the medium to short style. If you’re looking to be playful, use a number of coloring techniques to give it some visual interest. If your hair texture is minimal, then the shag haircut will be easy to style. A distinct, separated shag haircut will get rid of the extra bulk where needed and give it height if you’ve got lots of straight locks.

3 – Wedge style

If your hair is thinning, then opt for the wedge or layered bob. A wedge haircut can work just as well if you’re heavy set. Basically, a wedge is a hairstyle that’s shorter in the neck area and gradually gets longer, either by several layers or an even length at the top. If you want height, you’ll want some layers at the top to give it a balanced haircut.

How To Keep Your Short Haircut Looking Its Very Best

Okay, you’ve got your short hairstyle. Now what? Now, you need to be able to keep it. The following items are what you will need in your hairstyle supply kit to ensure that you get a look you’ll always like to show off.

– Curling iron – Can create an array of looks and given it uniform curl formation.

– Gels and/or mousse – Gels are not quite necessary, as hair is already thick but mousse can give it form and separation to natural curly hair.

– Texturing creams – Can add moisture and control out of control locks.

– Waxes and/or pomades – Adds shine and hold to really thick short haircuts.

People who have thick hair don’t realize that they have plethora of things to brag about when it comes to their hair. You may never have the fine, textured hair you want, but remember… it’s easier to cut thick hair than it is to add to hair. Just remember that you’re blessed with an overabundance of hair and can have several new styles if you choose to go with short hair.

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